Terroir- Wine Words

Wine is so cool, it has it’s own language; sure lots of the wine words are French or Italian but with our stronger and stronger American influence we are developing our own wine language as well.

We still get hung up on words, like Cuvee and terroir; click on the following link for pronunciation: 


Without hearing the word, Americans like us would not pronounce terroir correctly; it’s a tough one!!

Remember wine is for real people; don’t hesitate to ask questions, give it a whirl try adding wine words to your wine speak and developing a wine vocabulary listen to the pronunciation of wine words like

Viognier- one of our favorite varietals so we no can say this with ease for pronunciation help click on the link:

http://forvo.com/word/viognier/ it helped to see this word phonetically spelled out as well:  vee-ohn-yay

Wine Basics
Wine Basics

Language is fascinating, we continue to add wine words to our wine speak, more wine words from WineShop At Home are in Wine Basics:  wine101 the guide used by wine consultants; the more you drink, the more you think-go wine tasting, host a private wine tasting, surround yourself with wine and the rest come; words and all!!

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