Cuvee – you learn something everyday….

Cuvee on a wine label
Cuvee on a wine label

Like us, you have most likely heard the term Cuvee before; perhaps unlike us you actually knew what it meant.  We never gave it much thought; but if we were asked on the spot-we thought it had to do with a grape varietal.  Cuvee is a french word, that’s no surprise!!

The other night while wine tasting the wine maker used the term -Cuvee, to describe a blend- that was our ‘ah-ha’ moment!!  Cuvee refers to wine being put into a vat or tank for a specific purpose; like a blend or a particular quality of wine.  For more information see Wikipedia:

At one point we were marketing a Cuvee Blanc for more information visit: at this point our Cuvee seems to be sold out.  Stayed tuned for more later.

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