Siloam – Time to Relax

A nap in the hammock
A nap in the hammock

We are always ready for guests at Siloam.   On the occasion that we are not entertaining guests you may find us napping in the hammock.  There is something so peaceful and lulling about being suspended between two trees, listening the the sounds of nature and the Siloam stream and waterfall that it’s easy to fall right to sleep even in the middle of the day- and there’s no guilt, your not a slacker, it’s all too important to TAKE TIME TO RELAX.

Relaxation comes easy here- for us, we just seem to have to give ourselves permission to relax.  Sometimes life happens at break neck speed, then when it slows down you find yourself wondering what’s going on??  Shouldn’t we be doing something??  That’s precisely the moment that you should TAKE TIME TO RELAX.  Come relax at Siloam.

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