A Taste of Siloam

Cooking Demonstration- Wine Release
Cooking Demonstration- Wine Release

Last night we hosted our first cooking demonstration at Siloam; thanks to a couple of friends for being our trial audience while we prepared Paella and Seafood Fettuccini with an electric skillet and a few crock-pots set up on the main lawn.

All the food, wine, and fellowship was fantastic; it did get a little chilly last night; but we managed to enjoy the evening and come inside as it cooled off.

We will certainly offer this again, meanwhile we want to provide the notes so you can try this at home.  We added a bottle of Fluer Bleu 2006 Zinfandel, the newest release from WineShop At Home, towards the end of the night to give it a swirl; it was the perfect night cap.  To order wine or for more information about WineShop At Home visit:  http://www.wineshopathome.com/siloam

notes from cooking demo

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