Ride for the economy…

Ride in the Tahuya State Forest
Ride in the Tahuya State Forest

A friend sent us an article posted in the Wall Street Journal about how states are embracing all terrain vehicles to boost the economy:  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124831007584074147.html#articleTabs%3Dcomments 

which then lead us to view the reinvestment money that has been allocated to the US Forest Service: http://www.fs.fed.us/

This is all of interest to Siloam Retreat as the property sits between Green & Gold Mountain on the edge of the Tahuya State Forest:  greenandgoldmtn we have miles and miles of off-road vehicle trails and we have folks who ride down the side of the road to access trails; we welcome riders of all types at Siloam to enjoy our mixed use trail system.  Guided service is available for two wheel riders (single track trails).  We would love to host a off-road/on-road weekend ride at Siloam Retreat-join us?!!  Let’s ride for the economy.

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