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What is Glamping?  It’s another one of the new combo words like ‘staycation’ glamorous camping = Glamping!!  WiseGeek describes it this way: 

The idea of roughing it during a camping trip might sound appealing if it weren’t for the bugs, wild animals, sudden storms, leaking tents, smelly sleeping bags and questionable food. For a number of people, their first camping experience often becomes their last, but there is now a camping option growing in popularity. Welcome to the world of glamorous camping, otherwise known as glamping. Organized glamping trips feature all of the exposure to the great outdoors as traditional camping trips, but the amenities found at the campsite far exceed anything most campers have ever experienced.

During a typical glamping trip, for example, the tents are often designed with bright designer colors and materials, not the olive drab canvas tents of yesteryear. These tents can be rigged for electrical power, which means occupants can operate appliances, reading lamps and climate controls. Forget about smelly sleeping bags placed on rocky or insect-infested ground, as well. Those who have gone glamping may sleep on full-size air mattresses, or even regular spring mattresses provided by the outfitters.

Many glamping trips do involve the same types of excursions provided by traditional adventure groups, such as safaris, hiking, and river rafting, but the focus is often on the comfort of the guests. Comfortable transportation is usually provided from the campsite to the excursion and back, and guides are responsible for providing such amenities as full-course meals and laundered clothing upon a guest’s return to camp. Some glamping trips are more primitive than others, however, so guests may actually have to experience a little discomfort while glamping.

The idea of glamping appears to have been inspired by the experiences of young, rich entertainers and models at outdoor events such as open air rock concerts. Many wealthy concertgoers wondered aloud if it might be possible to avoid the trappings of a hot tent on a muddy field just to enjoy a show or the wonders of nature. Several adventure groups saw an opportunity to cater to the needs of disillusioned campers who wanted to experience the positive aspects of camping without so many negatives. Thus the concept of glamping was born.

Many companies who specialize in camping equipment and supplies have created high-end or designer gear over the years, but few campers wanted to be seen carrying brightly colored tents or packets of gourmet foods. With the growing popularity of glamping, however, many would-be campers are now buying up designer camping gear and other amenities before going on their own glamping trips. Even those on more modest budgets are discovering it is now acceptable to bring along a few more comfort items while camping outdoors. While glamping may still be a niche market, it does offer people the chance to experience all of nature, not just its insects and bad weather.  To visit this site go to:

The New York Times posted the following article on Sept. 9, 2008 about Eco-tourism and glamping: 

Siloam Retreat has had glampers and we agree that the property allows for glamping with the Retreat House as the ‘base camp’ and those in the group who want to have more of a camping; that is to say glamping experience, can do so either by outfitting their own ‘tents’, RV’s or simply moving the bedroom outside.   We have set up for massage outside, Movie Night outside on the main lawn, and then there is always gathering around the ‘glamorous’ campfire.

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