Gather round the campfire

Gather round the fire
Gather round the fire

Sponge Bob singing:

Do y’all agree that there is nothing like gathering around the fire, singing songs, roasting marshmallows, making smores….this can really bring the family together.  Inspiring new songs, new melodies, rhythms, bringing back old songs you used to sing in school or at camp; we often gather around the fire with a guitar, tambourine, kazoo and any other hand-held instrument to make some music together-it sounds good to us. 

Maybe your fireside memories are more of story telling, no matter the reason gathering around a fire…….is an old tradition that brings people together.  Siloam has a great fire-pit done with natural-scape, stone benches, surrounded by tall trees, and Pool of Siloam nearby with soothing sounds from Siloam Stream.  The Innkeepers have it all ready for you with fire starters, firewood and roasting sticks; they even have smore makings ready for you.

Singer songwritter weekends, couples retreats, artists gatherings, you name it……..Siloam has something to offer for everyone.

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