Yoga and Wine











I can’t count the times I am asked about yoga and wine, how do the two come together?  My simple answer is always “they are both four letter words for RELAX”.

In my world the two are a constant, I am a wine consultant for hire, I have contracts with several wineries and represent their wines at local events, store demonstration wine tastings, private events, corporate events, etc….  I am a yoga teacher and yoga school offering group classes, private sessions, teacher training, etc……

Typically, for others the two are offered in a retreat style –a day of morning yoga and afternoon wine.  If you pause for a moment, close your eyes, notice your breathing, how your breath moves in you, through you and out of you… may just calm yourself to allow for an experience that would lend itself to yoga and possibly wine.

If the two don’t come together for you, choose one or the other, if not–let it go~

Cheers and Blessings~


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