Sweat Lodge, Soul Collage-Experiences for the Mind, Body and Spirit

I am grateful to have experienced my first sweat lodge, interestingly enough the hours and days after this image kept coming to mind.  It occurred to me that it was an image I had created in Soul Collage a few years prior to the sweat lodge.  Perhaps better than words this image can express what I experienced in the lodge.

It was dark, then there was light, it was hot, then there was a cooling, a calming, there was smoke, then there was a glow, I was alone, then I was joined by others, it was quiet, then there were voices calling, guiding, singing, laughing.

Thank you to Sacred Groves:  https://sacredgroves.com/ for providing the space and for bringing me into my vision, my image.

Thank you to New Moon Rising and Loretta Young for helping to awaken the energy within



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