Yoga Story

Big dark pink Lotus Flower photoWhat’s your yoga story?  An opportunity to share your experience, your
lessons learned, your testimony.  Below is a story shared from a student in an Aqua Yoga Class that was offered through Siloam Yoga and Wine Better with Age.

“I started going to the pool many years ago because my doctor recommended it.  I am not able to do any floor exercises due to many injuries in my spine, arthritis and Fibromyalgia.  I found I can really get a good work out with Water Aerobics and Aqua Zumba, which I love and has become a part of my life and passion.  When I heard about the offering of Aqua Yoga I was excited.  I wondered how can you do yoga in the pool?  I attended Siloam Aqua Yoga and found it to be amazing in so many ways.  I have a severe anxiety disorder, for me to find focus and inner peace has been difficult to impossible.  Let alone balance–through the offering of Aqua Yoga with Julie and Siloam I have found focus, inner peace, tranquility, and balance.  We often refer to our Aqua Yoga as a tranquility pool—that’s exactly what Julie brings to our practice.  Beyond the benefits I have already mentioned I found a feeling of self worth, confidence and well-being back in my life!  Julie encourage me to step in–my depression subsided.  My doctor is thrilled with the results, my family and friends all notice the change.  It’s truly amazing.  Yoga transformed my life.”

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