Beyond Ground Hog Day


Change is good
Change is good

It is possible to change out of the monotony of Ground Hog Day….if you have not seen the well known movie  with Bill Murray you may not have the same idea about Ground Hog Day.  In the movie Bill Murray’s character is living the same day over and over and over.  How many of us can relate?  He finally figures out that by making small changes to every day he may be able to break out of the same day over and over.

We all have the capacity to change if we want to.  Think about what in your life you would like to change.  Take part in your destiny, make real your epiphany, embrace the revelation, make it real, take charge–CHANGE is Good.

It’s a fun tradition -Ground Hog Day and in 2014 Phil saw his shadow again, he often sees his shadow.  In the history he has seen his shadow more than 100 times and not seen his shadow less than 10 times….he often predicts more winter.  That’s not what we typically want to hear.  Even with the fuzzy forecaster giving us news we would rather not hear we can change how we feel about it, we can change what we choose to believe, we can shift the hype, and should our emotion be based on him anyway? Imagine being able to shift your thinking about Ground Hog Day or any day.

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