Ready for a Wine Adventure?

Wine Adventure
Wine Adventure

Change is constant.  How we respond to change is a choice.  What’s your wine style?  What’s in your glass? Some of the best times spent with friends and family involve trying new wines.

Siloam has been known for wine adventures, wine retreats, yoga and wine (vinyasa & vino)..a gathering of friends and family enjoying time together, clicking glasses=Every Swirl, Every Sniff, Every Sip– a Celebration!!

Recently we have been having fun sampling World Wines on Wednesdays-tonight France!! “oui”

There is so much fun to be had with wine.  A wine safari, scavenger hunt, a wine adventure–we came across a couple great wines and wine events for more fun: Let’s get together soon for a swirl, sniff, sip–a Celebration.  Cheers ~

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