Growing Forward

Siloam Foundation
Siloam Foundation

Siloam Foundation the non-profit formed by Siloam Retreat is proud to support the Master Gardener Foundation of Kitsap County’s Growing Forward Event



Promote long term environmental health through sound and sustainable horticultural practices.

The purposes of this non-profit Foundation are solely educational and charitable to enhance and supplement the effort of the WSU Master Gardener Program and thereby provide education and information to the citizens of Kitsap County.

Through the Master Gardener Program there are several local community gardens that serve as learning environments as well as producing edibles for the community donating fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables to local food banks.

As a Master Gardener there is a sense of pride in being part of the community-‘it takes a village’ and that village must be made up of caring people to provide all sorts of services –gardening, producing edibles that are fresh, local is all part of keeping the village sustainable.

Among other causes Siloam Retreat and Siloam Foundation support is GreenDrinks: last night at our local Bremerton GreenDrinks: we provided beverage service and set up for a Zero Waste Event at Habitat for Humanity of Kitsap County.  We left with that overwhelming sense of community–‘it takes a village’.  We are proud to be a part of keeping our ‘village’ sustainable.

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