Wine for your special day

your special day
your special day

Sharing from The Daily Sip:

Sometimes figuring out the wine for your wedding can be just as difficult as creating the guest list. Fortunately, we have some helpful hints to make it the fun, meaningful process it can be. 

1. Wine Source: You can use the wine list the caterer provides or choose your own wines (if your venue allows). Caterers often charge twice the retail cost of the bottle, but bringing your own wine can incur a corkage fee of $10-20 per bottle.

2. Which Wines: Consider the season (are you trying to cool your guests off or warm them up?), food (choose one red and one white to pair with the main dish), your guests (do they appreciate nice wines or don’t much care what they sip?), and a personal connection (such as the wine you had on your first date, a local wine, or one from your honeymoon destination).

3. How Much Wine: The number of bottles varies depending on the time of day (guests will drink less during the day than at night), whether you have a full bar, and whether you have a cockail hour. Most caterers plan for each person to consume one drink per hour, which will account for those who drink less and those who drink more. Use this Beverage Calculator to find out how much alcohol you’ll need for your reception.

4. Budget: Find that perfect balance between sticking to your budget and giving your guests wonderful wines to remember. Consider choosing another sparkling wine besides Champagne (Cava and Prosecco are wonderfully refreshing and vibrant at half the price), if you love a wine but can’t afford to pour it all night long just pour it during the cocktail hour, and buying a wine by the case often gets you a discount of up to 15 percent. 

Contact us to find out about our wines, personalized wine labels and to have us pour wine for your special day.  Cheers ~

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