Smoke on the Grape-Terrior

The Grape
The Grape

This weekend we will visit the Grape.  Heading east of the mountains to Prosser, WA in search of sun and early bud break.  It’s only mid March but we are hearing reports of early Spring and that the vines are budding.  We are also hearing concerning reports that the smoke from last years wildfires may affect the grape.  The affect is unknown and has many dependencies–for more information about smoke taint visit:

This is all about terrior, not just the impact of the soil but the impact from all natural surroundings of the grape and vine.  Terrior does not have a simple definition, we through the French word around often when speaking of wine but there are many aspects of Terrior.  For more information check out the Daily Sip:

Like many things in life, we over-complicate wine, for pure enjoyment try not to overthink it!  On the other hand, it’s all very interesting and you know the importance of terrior and when we hear concerning impact reports of smoke on the grape and other environmental concerns that may affect the enjoyment of wine in our glass–it can be downright frightening.

It’s always good to get closer to the grape, we try to visit the vineyards often–keeping our eye, ear, and nose open to all that may affect the wine in our glass.  In talking to someone about smoke on the grape they thought it might be a good thing as they like that Smokey, Tobacco flavor that is often picked up from red wines………..we shall see, swirl, and sip with each taste being a celebration.

Please join us sometime on a tour of the vineyards, a wine tasting or just a simple swirl, sniff and sip~Cheers!!

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