Yoga Immersion

Enlighten Up!  Recently we have immersed ourselves in yoga–why?  Why does it matter?  Yoga is what it is, it is what it is to the yogi.  A friend recommended this documentary-Enlighten UP that attempts to answer the question:  What is Yoga?

From the faith based community you hear conflicting messages–even cautions, from the fitness community you hear well-being comments, you may hear some new-age descriptions.  The film Enlighten Up is well done, follow Nick as he discovers Yoga for himself–watch as the filmmaker chimes in, sometimes in frustration, that Yoga is different for Nick than it is for her, than it is for someone else.

Yoga in the Vineyard Resolution
Yoga in the Vineyard Join Us~

Enjoy the film, enjoy life…….let us know what you think?

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