Right Place…

DrJohnWe got away the other night to see Dr. John:  Dr. John-Right Place (click on the link to listen while you read on).  Sometimes a getaway is the right place–right time.  The good doctor sings about right place-wrong time, as he was singing we were swaying thinking it’s the right place, right time.

A getaway sooths the soul, eases the worried mind, slows the rushed pace and renews energy for more of life.  This is just a ramble about the importance of getting away, you don’t have to go far, maybe you don’t have to go at all.  Sometimes we can put some headphones on, close our eyes and be in another place.

We would love to have more music here at Siloam–if you are looking for that music minded get-away, contact us let’s see what we can put together for the right place—right time.  Cheers ~

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