Labor Day Wine Picnic

It's Picnic Time~

It’s Picnic Time-at Siloam–enjoy, laugh, linger, lose track of time with family and friends.  Take in a lawn game or just relax in the sound of silence.

In our fast paced plugged in world it’s more important than ever to take time for nothingness- no agenda- just be in the moment.  Take a Retreat.  In the Yoga Practice we talk about taking a Retreat in your mind–close your eyes, count backwards from 60, clear your mind of racing thoughts and allow peace, quiet, stillness to come in –all within the one minute retreat.

With Labor Day Holiday around the corner, we invite you to take a three-day retreat.  Get away to Siloam for a three night stay, soak in the hot tub, have a wine picnic, take a rest in the hammock–whatever fuels you to leave refreshed and renewed.  Contact us today for more information.  Cheers ~

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