Yoga & Wine, the perfect pair

Yoga & Wine  After our long road trip on the motorcycle and a week of Wine Tasting in Lake Chelan, WA—we are ready for our antidote that helps keep us in ‘Wine Shape’ and ‘Road Worthy’ that perfect pair is Yoga and Wine.

Our Yoga Instructor recently shared this youtube video with us: it really illustrates in a light, limber way how well Yoga and Wine go together-Check it out~

We are blessed to have an Instructor at Siloam, we meet on Sundays in the Wine Shop.  At our last session we decided to step up and go for 2 hours starting this Sunday, June 24th from 4-5 PM and Sundays in July, 2012 from 10-Noon beginning July 8th with a special session on Saturday, July 7th.

While in Chelan we attended a class at Yogachelan: where we were surprised by our own ability –thanks to the helpful encouragement of the instructor, we were able to complete and hold a half handstand on the wall.  When you are out of shape and new to Yoga or even if you are in the best shape of your life and a Yogi…it’s important to celebrate the practice!!  Celebrate life!!  We have a saying here at Siloam~

“Every Swirl, Every Sniff, Every Sip…..a celebration..”  Join us sometime to celebrate Yoga, Wine and Life~Cheers!!

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