Wine Tasting–Here We Come

The Romance of the Vineyard

We were just talking the other day about the romance of the vineyard.  What is it that is so captivating about the rolling hills, the vines, the sunshine—ah, perhaps that’s it the SUNSHINE!!

Speaking for those of us in the ‘soggy’ Pacific Northwest–it could be the SUNSHINE.  Like grapes who have yet to hang on the vine we are reaching for the sun.  Heading east of the mountains in Western Washington we go in search of climate change, to see the sky and experience a few days without rain.

This June is off to a rainy start, more rain days than not.  We planted grape vines this year and have bud break–we should even see fruit this year where as, in years past our area was too dark and wet to even bear grape leaves.

For us, yes….the romance may be in the SUNSHINE—the Wine is Sunshine is a glass.  Looking forward to Wine Tasting in Lake Chelan, Washington for a few days.  As we approach the tasting rooms we will be grateful for the opportunity to go during the week, early without crowds of ‘combat tasters’—a term we affectionately use for those over crowded tasting rooms when you don’t get one on one time with the pourer of wines.  Spoiled, I guess? When you get use to private wine tastings as a rule—looking forward to sharing our wine experiences with you.  Until we meet again or for the first time~Cheers!!

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