Weddings in the Pacific Northwest

Undercover Wedding

When planning a wedding in the Pacific Northwest one needs to be prepared for rain.  We have had weddings where equipping guests with umbrellas was the rain plan….this works with a short ceremony and having the umbrellas serve as the guest take-away gift.

Short ceremonies seem to be the trend today; at least for weddings here at Siloam.  We had a wedding last year where guests simply gathered on the lawn around the couple for a few minutes while they read their vows and sealed their marriage with a kiss.  We have had other weddings where everyone is seated at the table where they will also have their reception meal.  One of the pleasures of being a host site for weddings is seeing how creative couples are with their plans.

Causual Gathering Wedding Ceremony
Wedding tent added to front of Wine Shop

Using tents as a rain plan is also very common the downside to this is if it doesn’t rain you are left with un-optional cover and the ‘circus tent’ look…tents can be dressed up and certainly provide peace of mind for added space and cover if it rains.

Adding Space for a wedding with a tent

Whatever you are planning we are here to help.  Allow us to provide the Siloam Service for your wedding or event here at Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop.

Minister prepared for wedding ceremony & rain

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