Vino-Wine Speak

Find Your Own Wine Speak

Last night while enjoying a Martini Bellini while others were enjoying an Australian Shiraz—we had the discussion yet again about Shiraz/Syrah.

The above mentioned Shiraz does not need further identification as Australian because Shiraz defines it as Australian otherwise it would be a Syrah.  It’s like Po-tato/Potato—To-mato/Tomato–“let’s call the whole thing off.”

In a couple of the rooms in the Retreat House there are signs that read Vino and one or our maintenance workers asked what Vino meant.  After making sure he was serious we told him it means wine in Italian and is quite commonly used in all languages.

When your life is surrounded by some sort of passion like wine—you easily develop ‘Wine Speak’ and can find it hard to believe that someone doesn’t know the word Vino or the difference between Shiraz/Syrah but let’s not keep others from developing their own ‘Wine Speak.’

The same is true of gardening- being new to Master Gardeners I often find that I don’t speak the gardening language as fluent as some of my more passionate, experineced Master Gardener friends. 

And as technology streams into our lives and is more and more a part of our conversations we hear people fumbling through conversations about ‘Operating Systems=OS’ and platforms, devices, etc……The maintenance man could sound off about electrical currants, home remodel and the like….

As with most areas in life—we try to find common-ground, teachable/learnable moments where we can sit together and sip a Rioja describe it, learn about it and develop our own ‘wine speak’.

We encourage everyone to participate—Wine is for Everyone, it’s meant to be shared, experienced and enjoyed….allow us to help take any intimidation out of wine to eliminate any bitterness and bad taste.

Cheers ~

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