How do you spell Relief? W I N E – R E T R E A T

Wine Bags

We have been having so much fun with LivingSocial Wine Retreat Groups.  Recently, we had a group of 8 (4 couples) visit and stay.  One of the members in the group made these great wine bags for everyone as a memento.

They came for Wine, they came to get-away, to connect and be together.  We met in the Wine Shop and sampled some wines and then they invited us over to the Retreat House to take in some of the ‘eye-candy’ for their version of a Wine Retreat.

Each couple brought wine, wines from their other travels together, wines from their favorites, wines that would qualify for ‘Open that Bottle’ and they settled in for their weekend stay.

Now that's a lot of wine
White Wines Too
Good Wine, Good Friends, Good Times

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