Red Wine and Chocolate

Red Wine and Chocolate, Love and Marriage

Red Wine and Chocolate go together like Love and Marriage.  That’s why this year we will be celebrating the two together.  We have invited couples who were married here at Siloam back to join in fellowship with those who will be married here and just enjoy time with Red Wine and Chocolate, Love and Marriage.

It’s not difficult to pair Red Wine and Chocolate—-YUM….your palate is already primed for the pair.  Love and Marriage in today’s cynical tone, with divorce rates still climbing, is not as palatable.  We approach the subject with optimism and some history that with our 25 years of marriage it is possible to still be in love and Love and Marriage should be celebrated–like Red Wine and Chocolate–YUM, right?

In the past we have celebrated Red Wine and Chocolate/Valentines Day with Tango Night—also fun and a great way to enhance your Love and Marriage.  Tango is a romantic dance; it’s hard not to fall in love with the music, the embrace, the movement.

Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop is the perfect place for romance—passion—fueling your fire, whatever that means to you.  We hope you will share in this with us and thank you to all who have been married and had weddings here….we wish you tremendous love and happiness—let nothing come between you.  Cheers ~!!

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