What’s Your Story?

Everyone has a story to tell

We were and still are going to focus on some frequently asked questions, but wanted to take a moment to get to know you.  Blogging feels so self-focused, you post and post ….and post…about ‘stuff’ – it’s very ‘one way.’

Sure we get comments and feedback – it’s just not the same as hearing someone else’s story and everyone has a story to tell.  We used the Lumiere De Vie label as the photo in this blog because she is looking right at you, ready to tell her story about Lumiere De Vie  (the light of life).

Earlier this week we had dinner with a friend we have not see in a whlie, to call him an old friend wouldn’t work because he told a story about his dad who is 94 years old and golfs once a week and delivers meals on wheels to old people the rest of the week.  That’s a good story!!  Sometimes, often for us- you hear a story that will stay with you all week; maybe longer.

As Innkeepers that’s one of the best parts, meeting new people and hearing their story.  Recently we had the pleasure to meet a family from California who were here as our guests, they told us the story of their daughter Taryn who was unable to be with them-http://www.tarynshope4life.com -This is one of those unforgetable stories, the type of story that you want to – HAVE TO-share with others.

We would love to hear your story~until we do~ Cheers!

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