Patience on the vine

Waiting on the Grape

Across Wine Producing Regions and especially here in Washington State -2011 is one of the latest harvests on record.

Patience is a difficult practice especially in today’s quick response world, we are used to getting things quickly at the click of a button.

The vine, the grape, the ripening process does not work that way so we must ‘adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.’

Yesterday during Yoga class there was mention of ‘soft-strength’ two words that don’t often go together.  ‘Soft-strength’ made me think of the vine, the delicate grapes hanging there trying to soak in any last minute sun, not allowing themselves to be rushed, waiting for optimum flavor; softly strongly, hanging on until the final threshold.

Siloam Retreat is known for sharing lots of quotes, phrases, and words of wisdom from all of the eclectic plaques placed here and there.  Currently we have one such plaque on the back patio near the pond that reads:

a frog in the pond at Siloam

“Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience”  Not hard to do while at Siloam.  Often guests comment that as soon as they arrive their shoulders drop, they are able to leave stresses behind them and relax into the pace, the pace of nature.

Perhaps it’s the sound of the water gently falling into the pond, perhaps it’s the sound of silence, maybe the careful preparation taken for their arrival; this all goes very well with wine.  The patience that goes into every bottle, every glass, every swirl, every sniff and every sip.

The next time you enjoy a glass of wine take time to think of the patience invloved, spend time admiring the wine; you’ll be glad you did.  Cheers ~

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