Salmon and Wine at Siloam

Northwest Salmon The Salmon Are Running!!  Our local trails offer amazing views on Salmon Run Loop! Perhaps more than any other creature, salmon help define the Northwest. From a legacy in Native American Culture to a role in the development of the Washington Territory, these marvelous fish have served as a vital link for Northwest residents. To observe salmon spawing in the wild is to watch the wondrous beginning of life as well as the final stages of death for a creature turned to the cycles of nature. COME FOR THE DAY or WEEKEND AND ENJOY A KAYAK SALMON TOUR! To view salmon and other wildlife in their natural habitat, come for a visit to Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop. For a truly Kitsap Peninsula experience, enjoy a kayak salmon tour on the Hood Canal.  Allow us to help plan your Salmon Run Trip to the Great Peninsula.

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