All Work and No Play Make For …

Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop
Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop

We opted to have a working vacation this year instead of our usual trip to Napa.  This is not easy, the day gets long, you get tired and you remember where you were last year – images of glasses clinking, wine swirling the ambiance of the Wine Cave begin to fill your head and yes………I start to ‘Wine’ a lot!!

You know the slogan- ‘Wine a bit…you’ll feel better’?  Through all the work and all the trips to the Hardware Store for materials while working on the Wine Shop; I kept seeing this little yard flag with that slogan on it- ‘Wine a bit…’ll feel better’.  I have heard that before and thought “That’s cute!”

This time – I bought it, yes, we now have one of those flags outside the Wine Shop.  It seemed appropriate as we were working instead of being in the Wine Cave celebrating business success.

We are experiencing business success, but as you might expect that takes hard work and work we did.  The Wine Shop is a private event venue that can be added to a stay here at Siloam Retreat.  The Retreat House offers overnight accommodations for up to 12 people and the Wine Shop is event space for up to 50 people and it is ready for entertaining.

The space is in a word “Cool”- we have hosted a wedding already and have another wedding reserved, we have had a graduation party, family reunions and soon to host several other small to medium sized events.

The renovation of the Wine Shop has been hard work but with a little wine and a lot of help from our friends we get by.  Please contact us and make arrangements to visit Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop we would love to show you around and lift a glass with you to toast the success of the wine and hospitality business, especially given the times.  We could all use a little celebration!! 

Cheers ~

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