Happily ever after….

Valentine’s Day reminds us to love one another….after a marriage or over twenty years people are often amazed at our love for one another; “it’s so genuine”- “it’s so apparent, you can tell that you two are happy and in love”- someone just mentioned that they could tell we still had an active sex life and that was surprising because she thought ‘long-time’ married couples just didn’t have sex, certainly didn’t want to have sex and almost were no longer sexually attracted to one another.

It’s interesting to us- we don’t feel like we have anything unique, but the observations of our relationship are correct we are still in love, we are still sexually attracted to one another- we are set for happily ever after.  That is not to say that we don’t have difficulties in our relationship and every day is Valentine’s Day- but we do have and offer each other the gift of loving each other completely, vulnerably, whole-heartily and accept each other fully.

As a matter of fact our happily ever after is better and moving more towards true happiness with each passing year.  It is our sincere wish for all couples to have happily ever after and would love to hear from couples about their happily ever after story.  Sometimes, it’s easier or more the norm to complain about your relationship- love is contagious, let’s share our love stories and spread happily ever after. 

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