Blessed by Guests in the House

Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather

This week in the Pacific Northwest, Puget Sound Region we experienced record rainfall and high winds.  At Siloam we had a power outage  and more from the stormy weather.

We were blessed to have a family of 12 staying at Siloam to celebrate a birthday.  They were so happy to be together and to have a great get-away at Siloam Retreat that they were able to overlook the fact that the power went out and other stormy hazards.  They lit candles and poured more wine, which is exactly the thing to do if the power goes out. 

One of the perks of being nestled in the woods away from hustle bustle is that you may have a downed tree on occassion to cause power outages; it’s a perk because sometimes a good storm is very exciting.  Sometimes it takes a power outage or getting snowed in to cause us to slow down.  Especially in these times of constant connection. 

Power outages and any other storm damage are temporary, often a hardship, sometimes a blessing in disguise, as a result we often find ourselves closer to one another snuggled up to hold out til the storm is over, or the snow melts, or the power returns, or the rain stops.  One can even find a sense of pride and courage having made it through the storm.

Don’t hesitate to venture out this season, you might just find yourself here in scenic Seabeck, Kitsap County at Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop!!

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