It’s raining pine needles

Change of Season
Change of Season

Yesterday, we had a wind storm and it was raining pine needles, now the ground is covered with hints of gold, orange, red and green.

Today, we have blue sky, the air is brisk, but it is not raining.  We also lost power yesterday around 2 PM- it was out for a few hours, but with a back up generator and emergency lighting we survived.

Soon Siloam Pond that changes every day will be covered by a thin layer of ice and snow, it seems to happen that fast.  Today is Halloween and before you know it we will see the first snowflake fall.

It’s beautiful in all seasons here at Siloam we get to experience pretty drastic changes.  You are encouraged to visit, visit for the day for a Private Wine Tasting; we are in Kitsap County- less than 2 hours from the Seattle area, in scenic Seabeck-we are close enough to get-away; make your plans to visit today.


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