What’s your Passion?

Welcome to The Wine Shop
Welcome to The Future Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop

The word passion evokes a stirring, passion is love, it’s what you love, it’s what fuels you, it’s what completes you.  Passion is a strong feeling or emotion. 

 What’s your passion?  What are you most passionate about?  It’s a really good question, better than what’s your 5-year?  They go hand in hand your 5 year and your passion, but like many of you (maybe) we have an uneasy stirring to talk about our passion.

Gary Vee calls his wine blog the most passionate wine program- and the dude is passionate- he’s crushing it!!
We are passionate about wine & hospitality, that’s right not just wine but wine with people.  We love bringing people together, welcoming people, introducing people to each other and introducing them to wine and the wine lifestyle.
Hospitality is the cordial reception of guests- that’s what were passionate about- we are real people reaching out to real people, pouring wine, sharing experiences, learning from one another, creating lasting relationships and bringing wine to the table.
Host a Private Wine Tasting here or there, we will bring the passion.  We are so passionate about Wine & Hospitality we are adding the Wine Shop to Siloam Retreat.  The plans and design are evolving while I type, but were passionate about it.  We know we will entertain in the Wine Shop it will be a great space, about 1000 square feet of “coolness” for people to gather together in celebration here in Seabeck at Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop.  Check it out!!  Stay Tuned…..

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