Retreat from a Rainy Day in the Pacific Northwest from A-Z

Accept the Rain

Be Brave and go out in the Rain

Challenge yourself to rise about the dark clouds

Drink more wine…wine the rain away

Eat comfort food-paired with wine..

Finish an indoor project with a nice glass of wine

Get your body into a new yoga position

Hang in there

Isolate yourself….solitude is good for the soul

Juxtapose the Rain

Kill time by reading a good book

Lounge around with a nice glass of wine

Make a pot of soup…..pair with wine….

Nestle up with your partner

Occasionally add soft lighting to emulate the Sun

Position yourself to accept more rain, it’s inevitable in the Puget Sound

Query your friends to see what they are doing-it’s a better Retreat with friends and wine…..



Take time out of your once very hectic schedule to allow the rain to cause your own Private Retreat

Uncover your inner child with a child-like activity:  coloring, playing board games, watch your favorite Disney Movie

Viognier chilled would have you retreat to a warm sunny day memory….drink more wine….

Wishful thinking may help the rain go away

X-ite yourself by trying something new

Yearn for the sun, check the temperature in the tropics

Zap away any negative rainy thoughts, after-all it’s only rain.

Rain is part of life in the Northwest.  While it’s sometimes difficult to embrace the rain, there are ways to retreat from it.  The last thing you would want is to let the rain get you down; it’s raining today in Seabeck at Siloam Retreat-we shall use this day to accomplish great things that we otherwise would not be able to if it were not raining- it’s suppose to rain tomorrow as well, perhaps a nice two day indoor project. 

“Determine never to be idle….It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.”  Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President and Statesman, 1743-1826

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