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Terra d'Oro Zinfandel
Terra d’Oro Zinfandel

Part of the Siloam Service is to provide each guest with a bottle of our private label wine, sometimes guests will schedule a private wine tasting.  We had a guest recently who scheduled a private wine tasting with food pairing; we sampled lovely wines and paired the wine with different cheeses, crackers, dried and fresh fruit ; and some chocolates, and nuts.  We sat on the back patio near the Siloam Pond and chatted, enjoyed the wine, and food, and each other’s company.  It is an added bonus that as an Innkeeper,  you can become friends with guests. 

This individual guest was visiting from California and brought us a bottle of Terra d’Oro Zinfandel; this was such a nice gesture and a surprise.  The wine was from Amador County, we thoroughly enjoyed the wine and have since done a little research on the Terra d’Oro Winery.  We thought our visitors would be interested in the following:

2006 Terra d’Oro Zinfandel

Terra d’Oro 2006 Zinfandel is a shining example of Amador Zinfandel. We don’t have to coerce character and spice from the fruit, nor do we beat it back. Dark berry fruit is generously seasoned with charcteristic Shenandoah Spice. The different oak styles lend molases, vanilla and cinnamon to a balanced lingering finish. Sweet and spicy are two classic culinary combinations. Our chefs match many of our favorite dishes with this classic zinfandel, ranging from barbeque short ribs in chipotle dipping sauce to pan-seared filet mignon….or just an old fashioned juicy cheeseburger

While the origin of Zinfandel has long been debated, a UC Davis research group put other theories to rest when they proved that Zinfandel originated in Croatia as an obscure grape called Crljenak, growing near the DalmationCoast. How and when it arrived in the New World remains a mystery…how it arrived in California we know. Thirsty pioneers brought zinfandel cuttings from the east coast here to the Mother Lode during the gold rush of the nineteenth century. At Terra d’Oro and in Amador County, Zinfandel is what we do best. Shallow topsoils, granite hardpan, hot summer days, and cool sumer nights make a fabulous home for our favorite varietal. Hand selected every year from our many lots of Zin, Terra d’Oro Zinfandel is the flagship of our Zinfandel program. We head train and spur prune the TDO vineyards for maximum sunlight and controlled crop.

For more information about this and other Terra d’Oro wines visit:  http://terradorowinery.com/home.php

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