Spontaneity~Last Drops of Summer

Siloam in the Snow
Siloam in the Snow

It’s early to talk about the holidays; but for some reason, maybe it’s commercialism, as soon as school starts we begin to think about the holidays- Tis’ the Season.  The season for thinking about the holidays.

Siloam is absolutely beautiful through the change of the season, first we will be encased in color from the foliage which creates a whole new lighting hue throughout the Retreat House then we will begin to see the first signs of frost and then snow, once it snows Siloam Retreat House becomes a snow globe, so private, so calm and quiet, you cannot see the main road from the house nor any other houses.  If you like the snow, a winter retreat to Siloam is in order.

But back to the title of this blog; “Spontaneity”- we are still in the Summer Season afterall and Summer is the time for Spontaneity- this is the last of the Summer Weekends where Siloam is offering a Private Wine Tasting included with a weekend stay.  Be spontaneous, get-away for one last hurrah, enjoy a private wine tasting and a private weekend retreat.  We would love to have you as our guests!!

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