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Yoga and Wine

This is a full list of what’s covered:

How To Taste Like a Professional

  • Here’s Looking At You!
  • Understanding The Color of Wine
  • Grape Skins and How They Affect Wine
  • Analyzing White Wine
  • Analyzing Red Wine Part 1
  • Analyzing Red Wine Part 2
  • How and Why to Swirl Wine in Your Glass
  • The Art of Smelling Wine
  • Techniques For Smelling Wine
  • Flavors You Find in Wine
  • How To Taste A Wine
  • Smelling Vs. Tasting Wine

Wine Characteristics

  • Discovering Flavors In Wine
  • Where Do These Flavors Come From?
  • Other Factors That Contribute To Wine Flavors
  • What is a Corked Wine?
  • How Does Cork Taint Occur?
  • What Are Wine Legs?
  • Wine Acidity
  • Is Acidity Important in Wine? Part 1
  • Is Acidity Important in Wine? Part 2
  • A Guide to Tannins
  • Nitty, Gritty of Tannins
  • What Tannins Add to a Wine
  • Flavors Oak Aging Imparts On Wine
  • A Guide To Oaked & Unoaked Wines
  • Oaked Vs. Unoaked Wines
  • How Oak Aging Affects Wine
  • Wine Body Guide: Part 1
  • Wine Body Guide: Part 2
  • Light-Bodied Wine
  • Light-Bodied Wines: Riesling
  • Light-Bodied Wines & Food
  • Light-Bodied Wine: Pinot Noir
  • Medium-Bodied Wines
  • Medium-Bodied Wines: Sauvignon Blanc
  • Medium-Bodied Wines: Merlot
  • Full-Bodied Wines
  • Full-Bodied Wines: Chardonnay
  • Full-Bodied Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine & Food Pairing

  • Food & Wine Pairing Basics
  • Food Pairing: Flavor Matching
  • Food Pairing: Matching Acidity & Tannin

Wine Service Introduction

  • Wine Temperature Serving Guide
  • Wine Temperature Serving Guide: Sparkling Wine
  • Wine Temperature Serving Guide: White Wine & Rosé
  • Wine Temperature Serving Guide: Red Wine
  • Serving Wine: First Steps
  • Opening A Wine Bottle
  • Serving Wine: Closing Steps
  • What To Do With A Corked Wine