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Watching the Tides

Manette_SunsetThere comes this time in life, the ‘tweens’ it’s called.  Where you are in between, the word comes to us from those who are not yet teenagers but it applies to those of us who are not yet seniors or those who are not yet adults ‘of age’.

You find yourself in between generations or in between your own definition of who you are and what age group you find most in common with or even what you qualify for.  As a young person who is not yet of age (21) you are hanging out with people who frequent establishments that are 21 and over yet you cannot participate.  A group who may be discussing purchasing their first house, getting married, planning for a family and you are just having your eyes open to possibilities of becoming an adult/a person of age, not quite sure if you want to go there.

A true ‘tween’ you are in conversations with friends who may be experiencing their first kiss, first overnight, beginning to need less and less of parental support, encouragement, etc….

And those in our age group almost 50 or 50 something…are not yet 55, 65 is far in the distance so we are not seniors (thankfully, we will take that for as long as it lasts).  Yet, some senior discounts start at 55, senior living communities start at 55, some of us are fortunate enough to retire between 50-55, 65.  We may begin to get asked if we want the senior discount, senior menu, etc….

It’s an interesting place to be ‘TWEEN’ how do we embrace it?  Since our downsize in preparation for this time of our life, one of our past times is watching the tides.  It’s kind of like watching the grass grow but more impactful as the tides can move quickly.  We find ourselves looking down the beach of life wondering what the tide will bring in, what the tide will take out.

As we search for answers to the question, “What’s next?”  We look to the tide for answers finding comfort from living on the water, near the beach, close to town.  “What’s next?”  Do we really have to know?  Questions answered by questions…..let’s enjoy the journey.

Cheers ~