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Music, Wine and Yoga

Music, Wine and Yoga
Music, Wine and Yoga

How does this sound?  What better pairing than music, wine and yoga.

Having just returned from the Taste of Washington: where we had the opportunity to introduce friends to the idea of yoga and wine and they in turn shared their ideas about adding music….live music.

Oh yeah, that’s a good idea.   We love to move to music, swirling wine, allowing the groove to move…….Let’s get together soon.


Yoga-You can do it~

amy-cuddy-power-pose-wonder-womanAdopting a character’s physical stance can affect your own self esteem

Recently viewed a TED talk by Professor Amy Cuddy of Harvard Business School where she asked us to check our posture. Social psychologist Cuddy says that the way we hold ourselves physically can affect our state of mind, status and even affect us on a biological level causing us to either produce more testosterone or cortisol.
At the start off a yoga class we check our posture, we get ourselves centered, grounded -this mindfulness stays with us throughout the day, the week, our lives.  Affecting our state of being, transforming us to our full potential.  Let’s get together and be all we can be, who we are–beautiful, wonderful, powerful, humble, awesome, great–YOU~


Yoga, feel better

Yoga practice should always leaving you feeling good.  Let’s flow together to feel better.  Keep in touch, contact us and schedule your own personal time for practice.

Feeling good
Feeling good

“Thank You very much, I really hope to see you teaching again.  I had a wonderful  experience  on the Monday 9:30am  class. We did hip openers . I had a good time. At  work I, notice I was able to work with no discomfort climbing up and down ladders And  I would like to know if you would write the (poses) down  for me so I can do them at home when I get home from work.”

Jose V.

Greetings Jose-

Good to hear from you, thank you for contacting me.  Below are some of the poses we did on Monday:

Baddha Konasana (bound ankle) sit with the soles of your feet together allowing your knees to fall open to the sides

Place your hands gently on your knees, leave the left hand on the left knee and lift the right hand up behind the head

While gently pressing down on the left knee, use the right hand to gently guide the head toward the right shoulder

Same posture other side

Leaving the hands gently on the knees enter into seated Cat, slowly lower the head taking the chin to your chest, rounding the back by lifting from the pelvic floor pulling in at the navel to seated Cow, gently pushing down on the knees, rooting through the sitz bones, raise the head up through the shoulders opening the heart center (chest) move through these poses a few times connecting to the breath.

Take seated cat/cow to roll through the hips, while in seated cat bring your awareness to the left sitz bone, pushing down through the left sitz bone, roll through the hips to come forward raising the head, opening the heart center, to bring awareness to the right sitz bone, (seated cow) pushing down through the right sitz bone, to roll through the hips to take the posture back to seated cat, keep rolling through the hips from seated cat, to seated cow, reverse directions.

Place your hands to the right and roll up on the knees to Extended Childs Pose-Balasana- bringing the toes together and sitting back brining the tailbone towards the heels, reach the hands out in front lowering your head downs between your arms, rest, and hold the pose for a few breaths.

From Balasana-Childs Pose walk the hands over to the right as far as you can with comfort for a stretch through the left side, the right elbow will bend and left arm remain straight, same posture other side—walk the hands to the left

From Balasana, to Table- hands under the shoulders pushing down through the palms, knees directly under the hips, connect to the breath

Balance through the left palm, right knee to lift the right hand directly out in front palm facing the side wall thumb up, pinky finger down, lift left leg directly behind with toes pointed towards back wall, try to keep your hip level with floor, same posture other side.

Take Table to a wider table stance and try same side balance, back to table to ‘wag the tail’ float your hips to the left glancing over the right shoulder towards your heel, same posture other side

Return to extended childs pose, walk hands back to roll up on knees, curl toes under and push through the palms to shift weight into the soles of the feet, with knees bent coming into Malasana- Squatting Buddah bring hands together in prayer pose at heart center.

Pushing through the soles of the feet, slowly rise into Tadasana- Mountain Pose with your hands in prayer pose at heart center, slowly fold forward into

Uttanasana-Forward fold, breath, rest into fold, inhale rise up ½ way to Ardah Uttanasana ½ forward fold, nice flat back, open the heart center towards the floor, bend the knees and fold back into Uttanasana

Walk the hands forward into plank, roll through the edge of the foot, lifting the right hand to side plank, float the right hand up towards the ceiling, side plank other side

Back to Plank to Chaturanga, bend the elbows and slowly lower yourself down to the floor-all the way down, toes go flat, hands at chest, elbows tight in at the side

To Bujangasana-Cobra pose, come into it slowly raising the head, pushing through the palms to raise the body, open heart center-natural curve of the back body, slowly lower back down

To Ardah Dhanunurasana, ½ bow pose, bend right knee to take heel towards your bottom, release right hand to find the foot, gently guide the heel towards your bottom-same posture other side

Rest your forehead down and raise both hands up over head, bend the right knee drawing the sole of the right foot up the inside of the left leg to come into Face planted tree pose-Vrksasana, same posture other side

Lower the arms into cactus arms, palms down on floor, with forearms and elbows flat to floor, Leave the left knee bent, bend the right knee again opening the hips towards the floor to bring the pose to modified behkasana-frog pose

From Frog Pose, push feet back to bottom of the mat, push through the palms to roll back onto the knees into childs pose-Balasana

From Childs Pose to Down Dog-Adho Muka Svanasana, breath, rest….bring awareness to left side, slowly drag the right hand across toward the left foot, left leg, other side…..

Walk your feet to the hands for uttanasana, push through the palms send the feet back to plank, from plank to down dog, lift one leg into the air for 3 legged dog/down dog splits bend the knee taking the heel towards the bottom and take your gaze under the under arm to open the hips to the side….same posture other side…..

Return to down dog walk the hands back towards the feet uttanasana, walk the hands forward, plank to down dog to 3 legged dog, bend the knee, bring the knee to the chest and push the foot through the side, outer edge of the foot will be the foundation to lift the opposite hand to a modified down dog side plank, pull the foot back through and roll through the edge of the foot to an arched side plank, drop the top leg by bending the knee and placing the sole of the foot behind you and lift the opposite hand in the air (wave down dog to side plank, wild thing)

Return to down dog to bend knees to childs pose, walk the hands back to bend the knees, curl the toes under to squatting buddah-malasana, raise the hips and attempt crane pose-bakasana by pushing through the palms into the floor in front of the feet, gaze thought the hands, keeping your head slightly lifted, bend the elbows to position the knees up towards the underarms and lower the knees on the back of the arms, attempt to lift the feet off the floor.

Lower back to Malasana-squatting buddah, roll onto back

Bring left ankle to right knee, allow the left knee to drop open, roll through the hips to allow the left knee to come to the side, rolling through the inside (big toe) edge of the foot, same posture other side, hug knees into the chest, taking the hands to the back of the of the thighs, allow the knees wider, rolling the hips open from side to side, bring the soles of the feet together to lower the feet down to reclining baddha konasana- you could do a happy baby pose and the end in svanasana.




Wine Pairings

Wine pairings
Wine pairings

There are so many pairings with wine, food, picnics, romance, people—privilege……over the years our experiences with wine have had many pairings, many privileges….least of which will be to pour wine with Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Culinary Director, John Sarich.

Join us sometime for a wine pairing…..Cheers ~

John Sarich
John Sarich