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2014 Embrace the Change-Happy New Year!!

Transformation-900Happy New Year!!  It’s the last day of the year and we find ourselves ready to embrace the change.  With the sale of the retreat property and downsizing to create change–now is the time to embrace the change and move forward.

Transformation is a process that begins with intention, then acceptance and tolerance, patience for the journey.  Siloam is in the transformation process perhaps you can relate with a transformation in your own life.  A transformation you have set out with intention or a readiness to embrace the change and set an intention for transformation.

Yoga transforms, we will be offering transformation packages in the new year working with individuals, groups, partners who have expressed interests in creating change.  Practicing together to facilitate transformation.  The packages will start with three months (120 days) to witness, participate, facilitate, accept, and embrace change.  We will be with you every step of the way.

No matter what you are facing, if you feeling like it’s impossible to change allow us to be with you, side by side, connecting to the transformation.  We were inspired by a yoga transformation story told through a youtube clip:

“There are two ways of spreading Light:
to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”
~ Anais Nin

Celebrate, Enjoy the Sip with Family and Friends

Tis the Season
  Tis the Season

Tis’ the Season for Holiday Cheer.  The calendar is full of Christmas Parties, Gift Exchanges, gathering with family and friends.  Helpful hints:

Keep lots of great wine on hand, wrap it with a bow, ribbon, some mistletoe around the neck and Viola!!  You have a hostess gift, a gift for the gift exchange and who doesn’t like wine?!!


It’s conversational, tell the story of where you came across the bottle, why you love, or why you hope they’ll love it, bring one for them and one to open and try—Enjoy the Sip!!


Allow us to help with your wine selections, or to host your event, gathering, celebration, wine tasting, whatever your planning from extravagant to simple–Cheers ~


Wine & Well-being Retreats
Wine & Well-being Retreats

For some, it’s difficult to find a connection between yoga and wine.  Some of us think “I’ll do yoga to alleviate stress–just kidding that’s why I drink wine!”

The two pair better than most of us can imagine.  The thought of ‘relax’ can also sometimes allude us.  Wine- is a beverage made from grapes that promotes joy and relaxation.  Yoga is a way of life that promotes joy and relaxation.

The two pair together for relaxation beyond comprehension.  Allow us to meet with you for an exploration into relaxation—finding joy and relaxation from yoga and wine.

cheers and blessings ~


Tis’ the Season for Wine

Wine Tasting Opportunities
Wine Tasting Opportunities

Join us this season as we search for and join in for swirling, sniffing, sipping opportunities —here, there and everywhere.  Know of an event where we could gather and enjoy every sip a celebration?  Let us know, let’s create memories.


As we have said before wine tasting is sexy!!  There’s just something about a group of like minded people gathered with glasses in hand, tilting, swirling, sniffing and sipping….the laughter, the comments–“oh, full body, smooth, nice legs, big mouthfeel, hot in the back end.”—sexy………… can get caught up in it.


Keep in touch, through social media, through e-mail, here, there, anywhere; meanwhile–happy sipping.  Cheers ~