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Taste the Harvest-Wine & Well-Being Retreats

Taste the Harvest

At Siloam, this time of year finds us full of excitement as we begin to literally “taste” the upcoming harvest! The fruit on the vine is moving along quickly this year thanks to the long sunny days, with some growers reporting the vineyards in Eastern Washington are 10-14 days ahead of last year. California vineyards also seem to be trending well ahead of normal.  We hope to head down there in September to get closer to the vine.  Typically this time of year vineyards plan on how much fruit they will harvest, if they bring in about 95 tons of fruit that would be 55-60 cases per ton depending on final yields and how much goes to bottle depends on what the winery’s production facility.  That being said you can understand our excitement this time of year waiting on the vine to tell us what it will provide, anticipating the process for what it will yield…….patiently waiting to swirl, sniff, and sip~ every glass a celebration!!

Just what do we expect this Season at Siloam—more flights:  Tasting flight is a term used by wine tasters to describe a selection of wines, usually between three and eight glasses, but sometimes as many as fifty, presented for the purpose of sampling and comparison.  In the past, we were holding on to our exclusive marketing agreement with particular wineries, in the future we are ready to break free and explore what the wine world has to offer.  Still sampling California wines, but offering some selections from Oregon, more from Washington (fresh local, vine to table) and beginning to expand to other wine regions throughout the globe.  We also will be adding more Wine & Well Being Retreats here, there or anywhere stay tuned for more information, if you are interested in a package please contact us:


Wine & Well-being Retreats
Wine & Well-being Retreats


Summer Wine Pick

Verdeho-Summer 2013 Wine Pick
Verdelho-Summer 2013 Wine Pick

Our 2012 Fleur Bleu Verdelho is displaying a light yellow robe. The wine has
light white peach and honey aromas in the attack. After a while more mature
notes of pear and resin are settling in. The flavors in the mouth are refreshing
and crisp with a medium to high intensity acidity. The mid palate is silky with
green apple and lime zest. This wine has a warm and mineral finish. These
delicate flavors will pair very well with many Chinese dishes, seafood or

Love it!!  Join us for a Sip~Cheers