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Guest Reviews-Happy Faces

Pop the Cork and Celebrate!
Pop the Cork and Celebrate!

We recently received reviews from Groupon with several Happy Faces

100% of customers would recommend
you to a friend.

“Had a great time! Thanks!”


“Thank you so much for an amazing experience! This place is perfect for a quick getaway to get some relaxation in the woods. And the wine tasting, beautiful decor, hot tub and coziness just adds to it.”


“I would recommend this place to anyone wanting a nice quiet relaxing getaway! You seriously are treated like gold here. This place is perfect for a romantic getaway, or bring the family, have a guys or girls weekend getaway. Just perfect for whatever you are looking for. I truly loved this place and will be definitely returning.”


Sozo Friends

Compassion, Generosity and Contribution
Compassion, Generosity and Contribution

Last night at our local Bremerton GreenDrinks event: that was held at the Bremerton Food Line:  We became Sozo Friends:

We provided the beverage set up poured and donated wine tasting.

The event was held in one side of their storage warehouse where they provide not only a feeding ministry but reach out to people in need of all sorts of assistance with daily living and when tragedy strikes they are the first visit for many of us.  While it’s not something we give thought to routinely it was a nice eye opener and heart felt experience to be a part of the event which brought all of our awareness to people who need people.

The Bremerton Food Line while at first glance you see stuff everywhere is very organized and well run.  The heart in the organization is apparent as soon as you walk in.  For our event last night we were pouring the wines of Sozo:

SOZO: (definition: to save, keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger or destruction). 1. To save a suffering one from perishing, (i.e. to make well, heal, restore to health)

Sozo produces and delivers artisan crafted wine and gourmet food products enjoyed by generous people who have a desire to help people who live in poverty. We are fanatical producers of great food and wine, efficient at distributing resources to the poor, while engaging with our friends to enjoy life and make a difference in our world. Every Sozo product consumed provides 1-10 meals, clean water and other help for orphans, widows, and homeless who lack basic needs.

Good Food, Good Wine, Good Friends=Good Combination/Collaboration

Cheers ~


Non-Profit Fun-$-Raising Success; just add wine

Pretty In Pink
Pretty n Pink

As Spring is busy in bloom….so are non-profits busy planning fund-raising events.

‘Pretty in Pink’ is the Siloam Foundation’s 2013 Bras for Cause entry:

We are also busy helping the Master Gardener Foundation of Kitsap County: their fundraiser set for Saturday, Oct. 6 also at Kiana Lodge:

Where an event is held is crucial, auction items equally important….FUN a must have for a successful event:

Siloam Foundation is committed to helping raise funds and awareness in a fun, successful, memorable event style whether providing/pouring wine/ wine tasting or helping with event planning or donating auction items.  We have been blessed to participate in may fun-$D$-raising events.  It’s a joy to be with a group of like minded people sharing in something  for the greater good.

Any event is better with wine, right?  Cheers ~

Curious….Underwater Wine-another reason to go diving

Wine Underwater
Wine Underwater

Reading the Daily Sip today and found this very curious, never thought of it before; makes sense–nice to share from:

The reasons for storing wine underwater are numerous: The unlimited free space that
underwater aging allows is an obvious boon, but the real benefits seem to come
from the absence of light, a constant cool temperature, high pressure, and the
gentle rocking motion of the waves. These last two benefits are particularly
intriguing for sparkling wine producers, as the pressure is believed to keep
the bubbles bubbly and the rocking seems to mix the lees (yeast particles)
around in the wine, providing a more complex flavor and more even

Winemakers are submerging individual bottles and whole barrels in salt water
and fresh water alike, always keeping several samples of the same wine stored
on land to compare the difference. So far, almost everyone has been pleased
with the results of underwater aging; Winemakers talk of more complex,
expressive wines whose tannins have matured faster than their sister wines that
aged in the cellar.

The concept of aging wine underwater isn’t a new one, although this may be the
first time in history that it has been attempted on purpose. Bottles of wine
retrieved from shipwrecks often turn out to have been persevered almost
perfectly. The most recent example was in 2010 when divers off the coast of
Aaland, an archipelago of Finnish islands in the Baltic Sea, discovered 79
drinkable bottles of Champagne. Stored perfectly on their sides in the cool,
dark ocean environment, these bottles of wine sold for over $10,000 each at an
auction in 2010. One of the bottles, a Veuve Clicquot from between 1831-1841, sold for
$30,000, the highest price ever paid for a single bottle of Champagne.

The jury is still out on underwater aging, and only time will tell if wetter is

To see a video of how storing wine underwater is accomplished, click here.

Photo credit to Alessandro Beltrame/AGB Studio Video, NY Times