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Yoga Immersion

Enlighten Up!  Recently we have immersed ourselves in yoga–why?  Why does it matter?  Yoga is what it is, it is what it is to the yogi.  A friend recommended this documentary-Enlighten UP that attempts to answer the question:  What is Yoga?

From the faith based community you hear conflicting messages–even cautions, from the fitness community you hear well-being comments, you may hear some new-age descriptions.  The film Enlighten Up is well done, follow Nick as he discovers Yoga for himself–watch as the filmmaker chimes in, sometimes in frustration, that Yoga is different for Nick than it is for her, than it is for someone else.

Yoga in the Vineyard Resolution
Yoga in the Vineyard Join Us~

Enjoy the film, enjoy life…….let us know what you think?

Washington State-Columbia Valley Merlot

Making the best of the grape
Making the best of the grape

Merlot got a bad rap in the movie Sideways.  Last night at a local wine tasting event Merlot was a top pick for folks stating it was their everyday wine, solid, dependable.  Washington State has become known as a Merlot Wine Region particularly the Columbia Valley.  What makes Columbia Valley Merlot so special? The weather system created by the Cascade Mountains which form a massive
wall shadowing the rain along the Columbia Valley’s western border, which prevents the wet weather of the Pacific Coast from reaching the valley floor. The valley also happens to be located along the same latitude as Bordeaux, France.  As a result, it is a stony desert with well-drained soil and the kind of warm days and cool nights that allow Merlot to ripen fully while retaining high acidity and firm tannins. In the glass, Columbia Valley Merlot benefits from great structure on which to hang its luscious fruit.  Typically a strong berry fruit forward wine that is enjoyed by most.

A great place to explore the Merlots of Washington State is right here at Siloam, where we feature Girly Girl Merlot from the Silver Lake Family of wines sourcing the best Merlot grapes from vineyards in the Columbia Valley and blending the fruit into a wine that showcases the finer points of the region and variety. Girly Girl Merlot also known as Kayla is a deep purple wine with aromas of blueberries, plums, and berry–gentle tannins and a smooth finish. It is a hearty wine best served with chicken, lamb, grilled steak or just enjoy by the glass.Kayla, Girly Girl Merlot; Columbia Valley

Life is full of opportunity

The sun came out this weekend, what a treat?  In the Pacific Northwest we don’t get to see a lot of the sun, nor the blue of the sky so when we do it is a gentle reminder of all the opportunities life has to offer.  Wine Picnics, Yoga Retreats, time with friends and family…take the opportunity to come to Siloam-get away from the everyday routine, you’ll be glad you did.  See you soon~ Cheers

It's Picnic Time~
It’s Picnic Time~


Right Place…

DrJohnWe got away the other night to see Dr. John:  Dr. John-Right Place (click on the link to listen while you read on).  Sometimes a getaway is the right place–right time.  The good doctor sings about right place-wrong time, as he was singing we were swaying thinking it’s the right place, right time.

A getaway sooths the soul, eases the worried mind, slows the rushed pace and renews energy for more of life.  This is just a ramble about the importance of getting away, you don’t have to go far, maybe you don’t have to go at all.  Sometimes we can put some headphones on, close our eyes and be in another place.

We would love to have more music here at Siloam–if you are looking for that music minded get-away, contact us let’s see what we can put together for the right place—right time.  Cheers ~

Good News for 14 Hands Fans

Ste. Michelle’s Soaring 14 Hands Brand To Get Its Own Winery

Fast-growing Washington wine brand 14 Hands will get its own winery this fall, according to its owner, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. The new facility will help to meet skyrocketing demand for 14 Hands, whose volume has quadrupled since 2009. Last year the brand rose by 35% to just over 1 million cases, according to Impact Databank.

The new 14 Hands winery will be located in Prosser, Washington, roughly 200 miles southeast of Ste. Michelle’s Woodinville, Washington headquarters. It’s the former site of the Ste. Michelle-owned Snoqualmie winery, whose production will move to Paterson, Washington. The Prosser site will undergo “extensive renovations to transform the facility into an important destination along the town’s wine tourism corridor,” Ste. Michelle said. Remodeling will begin in the first quarter, with completion targeted for the fall.

“14 Hands’ ascent has been unbelievable,” Ste. Michelle president and CEO Ted Baseler recently told Shanken News Daily. “This is a wine we had primarily in restaurants for many years, and it did well there. But we knew there was a lot of demand for it off-premise as well, so we created the Hot to Trot red and white blends, and those just exploded far beyond our expectations.”

In addition to its varietal wines and the Hot to Trot blends, which sell around the $12 mark, last year 14 Hands introduced a Reserve tier sourced from Washington’s Horse Heaven Hills appellation. The debut vintage of 14 Hands Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2009 retailing at $30, has already garnered critical accolades, receiving a 93-point rating from Wine Spectator.