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Love is in the air~time for Wine


There are a lot of choices for Valentine Gifts, what will you give the wine lover in your life?  Why not a wine club membership?  How about a private wine tasting?  A Wine Retreat—a romantic get-away?  Contact us today for your personalized wine gift giving: 360.830.4801

Happy New Year’s Resoultion

Yoga in the Vineyard Resolution

Tis’ the Season for resolutions, resolving to change something, add something, alter something in your life or with/within yourself.  Are you the type of someone who makes resolutions?

We played a game on New Year’s Eve with friends that involved each of us writing down 5 resolutions and dropping them into a hat/bag.  The game was for the bag to be passed around and a resolution pulled out, read aloud and let the guessing begin as to whose resolution it was.  We had a small group of 5 people, the game worked –it was quite fun!!

Now comes the hard part –to stick to those resolutions—-multiply resolution x 5= YIKES!! 

A resolution:

 Definition of RESOLUTION

1: the act or process of resolving: as a : the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones b : the act of answering : solving
A resolution as defined by Webster is taking a complex notion and making it simpler—that’s not so bad.  Whatever your resolution, we would like to help; maybe it’s with:
Your Wedding
More Romance
Your Anniversary
More Family Time
Fitness, Health
More Fun
More Down Time
To Unplug
Siloam Retreat is the ultimate get-away when it comes to reconnecting and resolving.  Contact us today, let’s start to make that resolution simpler.  Cheers ~