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Planned Wine Tasting Communities


Wine Lofts

We recently took an opportunity to visit, taste, and stay in Carlton, Or.  This was one of our stop overs from visits to Dundee and Newberg; we always wanted to go back to Carlton and linger.  We started by making arrangements to stay at the Wine Lofts: 

 We ate good food, visited several of the tasting rooms all within walking distance:   Yamhill/Carlton Map and when we left, we took a drive through the back roads to the vineyards for some incredible views and stumbled upon the Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard: near Erath: the rolling hills with the sun casting it’s glow is breath-taking.  An area to go back to again, and again–great lodging, wine tasting, touring and good food opportunities. 

One visit in Carlton allows tasting from several craft wine-makers:  The planned community of Carlton, Or reminds us of another planned wine tasting community we often visit in Prosser, WA:  These communities are a great idea and are so user friendly, everything has been thought of for your wine tasting get-away experience from good food, good rest, and simple walks through the planned community of wine tasting rooms. 

We are so impressed with the experiences we have when we get the opportunity to go tasting, touring, and visiting that we bring it back with us little by little to Siloam where you can gather with friends and family and laugh, linger, lounge around while enjoying every swirl, sniff, sip as a celebration. 

Wine Tours


Please join in, join us sometime on a wine tour or here at Siloam Retreat for some wine time.  Until we meet or meet again.  Cheers ~