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Stacked-Wine to Go…Go…Gonzo~~

Go Vino

As we get ready for another wine tasting road trip –we checked into this new release of stacked wine:

With Gonzo on board with us as the car mascot, we travel many miles for wine and the experience along the way.  We see lots of clever wine gadgets, this stacked wine set is very clever for the avid road/trail/gonzo tripper.

Gonzo is one of our favorite muppets–such a whimsical, fun personality and for us if you take his name and place it on your car—your Gone-Zo.  There is something very liberating about a road trip……to be gonzo.

We will be heading out to Oregon Wine Country to sample some more of the wines in that area.  So many wines, so little time.  Another clever wine gadget, useful shatter proof wine cup: that is thin and doesn’t ruin the tasting experience like some other plastic cups. 

Go vino

Yoga & Wine, the perfect pair

Yoga & Wine  After our long road trip on the motorcycle and a week of Wine Tasting in Lake Chelan, WA—we are ready for our antidote that helps keep us in ‘Wine Shape’ and ‘Road Worthy’ that perfect pair is Yoga and Wine.

Our Yoga Instructor recently shared this youtube video with us: it really illustrates in a light, limber way how well Yoga and Wine go together-Check it out~

We are blessed to have an Instructor at Siloam, we meet on Sundays in the Wine Shop.  At our last session we decided to step up and go for 2 hours starting this Sunday, June 24th from 4-5 PM and Sundays in July, 2012 from 10-Noon beginning July 8th with a special session on Saturday, July 7th.

While in Chelan we attended a class at Yogachelan: where we were surprised by our own ability –thanks to the helpful encouragement of the instructor, we were able to complete and hold a half handstand on the wall.  When you are out of shape and new to Yoga or even if you are in the best shape of your life and a Yogi…it’s important to celebrate the practice!!  Celebrate life!!  We have a saying here at Siloam~

“Every Swirl, Every Sniff, Every Sip…..a celebration..”  Join us sometime to celebrate Yoga, Wine and Life~Cheers!!

Wine & Wheels, diary of a road trip

Yamaha Road Star
Yamaha Road Star

You should try everything once, right?  That’s what we tend to think, this was our first ‘long’ road trip on the bike.  Long being a cross over and back ride from Siloam Retreat, in Seabeck to Moses Lake where we met up with a group of riders for ‘That Dam Bike Ride’.

From Moses Lake we journeyed to Sandpoint Idaho through some beautiful areas on back roads across the ferry on Lake Roosevelt, through rain, wind, and cold.  Then onto Tonasket, WA—where we broke from the group to make our way to Lake Chelan for our Wine Week.

We travelled over 700 miles on the bike, developing what is now referred to as ‘rider’s ass’—but we survived the ride, through the elements and tired, sore bums—we are here and sampling wines of Chelan.  We have vacationed in Lake Chelan before but did not take the time to visit the wineries, last night we were at Tunnel Hill and Vin du Lac; finished with a nice dinner at Tin Lilly.

Useful way to grow grapes

Tonight we will visit Karma, Nefarious, and Tsillan finishing with dinner at Sorrentos; tomorrow a private wine tasting at Mellisoni and a visit with Wine Girl Wines.  There are 18 wineries on the Lake Chelan Wine Valley Mapwinemap.  It’s a beautiful area for Wine Tasting, we will be back to visit all and keep up with the changes.  When you’re in Chelan, you can’ come to your senses’–it’s a small community of farmers, tourists, and hospitality out in the middle of no-where with this really big, really deep,Lake smack dab….

The climate change is noticeable from our Puget Sound Convergence Zone, we should have another nice day in the high 70’s while I suspect it’s damp and cold still in Seabeck on the Hood Canal.  While we are here, we will make the best of it before getting back on the bike and heading home.  We plan to break the trip back in two rides—getting ourselves to the Eastside (Woodinville) in one day and then to the Peninsula the next.

You may ask how do you wine taste and purchase wine on a motorcycle.  Those of you who have tasted with us before know of our habit of supporting small wineries with our purchases….so far we have enjoyed the purchased wine at the winery, buying a bottle or a couple of glasses.  We could also have the wine shipped– no worries, we will show our support.  Until we meet or meet again, Cheers ~

at Vin du Lac in the Apple Orchard

Wine Tasting–Here We Come

The Romance of the Vineyard

We were just talking the other day about the romance of the vineyard.  What is it that is so captivating about the rolling hills, the vines, the sunshine—ah, perhaps that’s it the SUNSHINE!!

Speaking for those of us in the ‘soggy’ Pacific Northwest–it could be the SUNSHINE.  Like grapes who have yet to hang on the vine we are reaching for the sun.  Heading east of the mountains in Western Washington we go in search of climate change, to see the sky and experience a few days without rain.

This June is off to a rainy start, more rain days than not.  We planted grape vines this year and have bud break–we should even see fruit this year where as, in years past our area was too dark and wet to even bear grape leaves.

For us, yes….the romance may be in the SUNSHINE—the Wine is Sunshine is a glass.  Looking forward to Wine Tasting in Lake Chelan, Washington for a few days.  As we approach the tasting rooms we will be grateful for the opportunity to go during the week, early without crowds of ‘combat tasters’—a term we affectionately use for those over crowded tasting rooms when you don’t get one on one time with the pourer of wines.  Spoiled, I guess? When you get use to private wine tastings as a rule—looking forward to sharing our wine experiences with you.  Until we meet again or for the first time~Cheers!!

Wine Loving Dads

Serve Dad Up with a Wine & Food Pairing

Is your dad a biker, a golfer, or King of the Grill?  We’ve got you covered for wine-related gifts for your dad

It is Father’s Day season –time to celebrate Dad allow us to help with your decision about what to buy. If the dad in your life loves wine, but you want get him something a little more original than a great bottle (or a case), we have lots of great unique, creative ideas.An overnight at Siloam with Private Wine Tasting and Food Pairing—allow us to do all the work, show up with Dad, family & friends and we will pour a selection of exclusive, hand-crafted wines paired with food to WOW the palate and senses.  Linger longer, stay after—-enjoy rest and relaxation over at the Retreat House with a soak in the Hot Tub–a heartfult bonding with Dad, your time together is precious~Or some other great ideas…..
Liquid Lunch Boxes
For the beer, wine, and bicycle-loving dad, it’s hard not to smile when you see this “beer sling”-meets-cooler, self-proclaimed “liquid lunch box.” ($19.95) Find it here.There’s also the leather bicycle wine rack that we recommended last Father’s Day for pedaling pops as well! ($29) Find it here.

Golf Ball Bottle Wine Stopper
While golf balls, tees, and shirts are cliché as Father’s Day gifts, golf ball bottle stoppers certainly are not. For the golf and wine-loving guy. ($10). Find it here.

Man Crates
Touted as “no bows, no ribbons, no fluff,” Man Crates are a new, innovative gift for guys– and they even have a few choices perfect for the craft beer or wine enthusiast! If the dad in your life is a manly-man, and loves craft beer in addition to wine, the “Personalized Barware Man Crate” is the gift for him. Replete with crowbar to open the wooden crate. ($89.99) Find it here.

Camouflage Holster
Does the dad in your life love to grill –but hate to have to take time away from his favorite craft beer while doing so? This camouflage beer bottle holster is both practical and rugged, allowing dad to feel even more manly while performing his domestic duties. ($10.95) Find it here.

Outdoor Wine Table for 2
If the dad in your life loves lounging on the beach or listening to music outside throughout the summer, then the outdoor wine table for two is a great gift for him. The table will help stabilize his wine glass in any outdoor setting…and best of all, you get to enjoy it too. ($24.95) Find it here.

For the Aspiring Home Winemaker
This “complete home-winemaking equipment kit” is perfect for the newbie home winemaker. The kit will provide dad with everything he needs to kick-off his new hobby. ($159.99) Find it here.

For the Experienced Home Winemaker
If he’s been making wine in the garage for years, it might be time to step-up dad’s winemaking game this year with an Italian-made “ratchet-press.” The press will allow dad not only to ferment his grapes at home, but also press 5 to10 gallon batches of them there too. ($319.99). Find it here.

Hope this helps– you could always contact us for more great wine ideas.  Cheers ~