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Do you ever feel like George & Linda, overworked, stressed, tired, lacking energy to enjoy life?  Have you seen the film “Wanderlust”?

While Siloam Retreat has many similar attractions that Elysium offered in the film- it really took George and Linda to find themselves and to find each other.  They stumbled upon the “intentional community” of Elysium and learned a lot about their authentic selves and what they really wanted out of life.

That’s what you might find when you retreat, getting away from your normal routine–just long enough to slow down and get back in touch with yourself, with each other, with nature, with God, with ??????  As you allow yourself/your group the time to just ‘wander’ you might find what it is you’re ‘lusting’ and/or you might just find that you are content with where you are, who you are, and what you have.

We encourage you to come to Siloam Retreat for whatever reason, to retreat, to reconnect, to celebrate, to Wanderlust?  Allow us to help or create your own self guided retreat.  Until we meet, Cheers ~

Appreciation from Department of the Army-Joint Base Lewis-McChord

For Immediate Release

3/20/2012, Seabeck, WA-SOS-Survivor Outreach Services in Seabeck for Widow’s Retreat

A group of strangers who became friends found themselves at Siloam Retreat in Seabeck, in February for a Widow’s Retreat for Surviving Spouses of Fallen Service Members.  “Siloam provided their location as an invaluable gift that measurably contributed to the quality of events offered to the Surviving Spouses of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Community.” Dale Rees, Family Events & Program Coordinator

Siloam Retreat is a unique wine-themed bed & breakfast/vacation rental off the beaten path in scenic Seabeck, Washington.  The property is named after the Pool of Siloam, known for its healing water, in Jerusalem. Siloam Retreat and Wine Shop is similarly known for its ability to revive guests, providing respite, bereavement, relaxation, and other retreat type services and events.

Through their non-profit, Siloam Foundation; Jeff & Julie Forville, Owners of Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop have reached out to several charitable organizations to offer support.  “When we were asked to participate in the Widow’s Retreat, it was a natural fit and a blessing for us to be able to provide resources.”  Julie Forville said about the event.

The Surviving Spouses arrived on a Friday and were greeted by their host with refreshments and a warm welcome, the evening continued with meet and greet activities to encourage participants to fellowship together and find comfort and strength from each other.  The night ended in relaxation with a movie on the big screen in the Wine Shop.  The rest of the weekend was filled with individual and group support activities facilitated by a grief counselor.

While on property, the guests were able to lounge around in their pajamas enjoying breakfast and slow morning surrounded by fragrant pine trees and snow-capped mountains. They were also able to explore the nearby Tahuya State Forest, an excellent hiking location, and the picturesque Hood Canal, the only saltwater fjord in the lower 48.  And, after a long day exploring the great out doors, they were able to relax and spend time in the revitalizing waters of the on-site hot tub.

 “As Innkeepers it is our pleasure to provide a gathering place for respite, bereavement, retreat, and celebration.”  Julie Forville, Owner/Innkeeper of Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop.


For more information about Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop please contact Julie Forville, 360.830.4801 or

Recent Reviews

Be Our Guest

Come to Siloam, Be Our Guest, Experience the Siloam Service-  below are some recent reviews from our guests:

  • The owners were very nice. Great little weekend getaway.
  • Great place w/everything you would want in a weekend getaway.
  • What a fabulous way to get away from the daily grind. This is a hidden gem!
  • This was a wonderful escape…a little far to drive but well worth it. Julie has taken every chance to make this a special experience for all that pass her threshold. Thanks for that!
  • We made wonderful memories in a warm, personable, comfortable home. All our needs were met, and then some. A wonderful, relaxing weekend and the wine was superb!
  • The place is exceptional!
  • Our family loved the Siloam Retreat and wine shop. The whole experience with Living Social Escapes …to the retreat itself was wonderful.
  • There’s no place like Siloam!
  • This was the best family vacation ever!!

Fun with Wine

Mom's Who Need Wine-Meet Up

We will be participating in the Global Meet Up of Mom’s Who Need Wine night on Thursday, April 5th here at Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop from 5-8 PM.  This is one of the many Fun events that we get to be a part of; through our foundation we support several good causes with wine.  Mom’s need each other, the support that is gained from gathering in a group and sharing experiences, the bond from being with others who go through similar daily challenges and milestones that you do is tremendous.

That’s right you know how well wine pairs with food, well we are firm supporters of wine pairs well with fundraising.  We often donate wine, our service and our space to good causes.  We have several of those causes on our current fundraising agenda, like the HUB Senior Center in Belfair, WA or like sponsoring the Widows Retreat for Joint Base Lewis McCord.

We have stocked up on some Girly Girl Wines to make this event more fun and to celebrate Women’s History Month.  Over that past few years we have poured lots of wines, Girly Girl has to be the most fun by far:  you line up the girls: and introduce them one by one:  Chloe, Mia, Kayla, and Farrah.

We have hosted a Women’s Wine Retreat where we had each participant describe themselves like wine, pouring Girly Girl is kind of like that the wine and the personalities go together.  Join us for some Fun with Wine sometime; our events are by invitation and sometimes reserved for overnight guests only.  Contact us for more information.~Cheers!!

Vino-Wine Speak

Find Your Own Wine Speak

Last night while enjoying a Martini Bellini while others were enjoying an Australian Shiraz—we had the discussion yet again about Shiraz/Syrah.

The above mentioned Shiraz does not need further identification as Australian because Shiraz defines it as Australian otherwise it would be a Syrah.  It’s like Po-tato/Potato—To-mato/Tomato–“let’s call the whole thing off.”

In a couple of the rooms in the Retreat House there are signs that read Vino and one or our maintenance workers asked what Vino meant.  After making sure he was serious we told him it means wine in Italian and is quite commonly used in all languages.

When your life is surrounded by some sort of passion like wine—you easily develop ‘Wine Speak’ and can find it hard to believe that someone doesn’t know the word Vino or the difference between Shiraz/Syrah but let’s not keep others from developing their own ‘Wine Speak.’

The same is true of gardening- being new to Master Gardeners I often find that I don’t speak the gardening language as fluent as some of my more passionate, experineced Master Gardener friends. 

And as technology streams into our lives and is more and more a part of our conversations we hear people fumbling through conversations about ‘Operating Systems=OS’ and platforms, devices, etc……The maintenance man could sound off about electrical currants, home remodel and the like….

As with most areas in life—we try to find common-ground, teachable/learnable moments where we can sit together and sip a Rioja describe it, learn about it and develop our own ‘wine speak’.

We encourage everyone to participate—Wine is for Everyone, it’s meant to be shared, experienced and enjoyed….allow us to help take any intimidation out of wine to eliminate any bitterness and bad taste.

Cheers ~