Monthly Archives: May 2011

Time in a bottle

There is never enough time to do the things...

It’s nearly June!!  And coming on Summer- that’s the good news.  However we still have cloud covered days and cool nights.  Last night while trying to get some much needed sleep; I heard the old familiar tune by Jim Croce: over and over in my mind.  Wishing I could have time in a bottle, wishing I could spend more time with you………..time is fleeting- there is no way around it.

I often wonder about the metaphor ‘Time in a Bottle’- if you could put or spend time in a bottle, would it stand still?  That’s the meaning, I think.  The video played with the music where Jim is holding his son is sometimes more than I can bear.  If I could have time in a bottle……..

It’s not really a wine reference at all, but to all of us wine lovers out there- we know sometimes there is comfort found with ‘time in a bottle.’  Cheers to all and especially to you Jim Croce- Thank you for your words and memories.