Monthly Archives: March 2011

Wedding Season-Duck Season

Mr. & Mrs. Paddington

Not that wedding season and duck season are the same, but they seem to go hand in hand here at Siloam Retreat.  Not the duck season where the poor little guys get shot out of the sky, but the season that they return.  Every year like clockwork we have, affectionately known as Mr. & Mrs. Paddington Duck make their temporary home in Siloam Pond.  They nest here, it’s a comfortable place!!

Duck Season was the inspiration for our Private Wine Label, while they are not all together healthy for the pond’s eco-system, it seems they are meant to be there so we leave them be to do their thing.  They are fun to watch as they decent to land into the small garden pond and when the chicks are born they are soon gone.  Children love to watch them and this is usually prior to the fish coming ‘back to life’ so it’s all good natural entertainment.

Ready and Waiting

Early Spring is marked by the return of the ducks-Duck Season and by weddings.  We recently celebrated a March wedding here and are grateful the rain held off long enough for the outdoor ceremony.  As the officiant, I was ready and waiting to perform the ceremony, under cover just in case of rain.  We closed the celebration with the reception and dancing in the Wine Shop, a memorable time, a fun celebration, a joyus occasion for the happy couple.


Beer Party of ‘Pour’

Beer Tasting and Color me Happy~

We all know about Wine Tasting and Beer Samples but have you ever been Beer Tasting?  Just like Wine Tasting you taste to explore, learn, expand, expound and admire the craft.  Like Wine craft beer can be poured from a Barrel Room- the warm inviting ambiance to select your barrel to talk directly to the Beer Master who can advise on Beer and Food pairings – like chocolate with a dark beer.

St. Patrick’s Day – Today, has a long tradition for beer drinking.  Happy St. Patty’s Day- enjoy a Beer Tasting, admire the craft, take it to the next level!!   We have several fantasitc craft beer locations to choose from in our area, visit:  Hales: and Silver City: and Hood Canal Brewery: Cheers~