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Area Attractions near Scenic Seabeck and Siloam Retreat

The whole idea of a retreat is to get-away, to retreat- to withdraw to a more favorable, safe, private, and quiet place.  And yet, there is so much to see and do in the Hood Canal area near Siloam Retreat.

We often speak of the Tahuya State Forest as one of the highlights of our area attractions.  23,000 acres of shared use trails and outdoor recreation:

If that isn’t enough there is so much more.  We will try to feature an area attraction in our blog with a link to provide answers to frequently asked questions about our area.

Most guests of Siloam wish they had more time to stay and play; it is such a spirited, relaxing place that once your here you don’t want to leave.

Get Your Swirl On

Siloam Swirl

Volitize the Esters this is what happens when you get your swirl on.  Swirling wine in your glass opens up the wine, allows the wine to breath and prepares the wine and you to take in the bouquet. 

At Wine Tastings it’s mesmerizing to view all the tasters swirling.  This is getting your swirl on.  Swirling as you sip also adds air- this is what makes the funny sound you hear as tasters taste.

Our swirl/logo represents white wine, red wine and water.  Siloam for us is healing water.  Water in wine and wine as healing all swirled together.  Join us sometime, visit and get your swirl on.

Happy New Year!!

New Year Resolutions are usually pretty boring and seem to have a way of repeating themselves.  This will be the year “I will finally loose weight, finally get in shape, finally……….”

Why not join us on our New Year Resolution to Have More Fun- Drink More Wine!!  Join our wine club- you will get two to four bottles of exclusive wines every month delivered right to you.  A Resolution that is not only Fun but Easy!!

We will bring the Vineyard to you- contact us to join the Wine Club today.  May your New Year be filled with prosperity and good wine!


Siloam Foundation

Siloam Foundation is a non-profit formed by Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop to raise funds for non-profits through private wine tastings, wine sales and other unique wine events.

To date Siloam has raised or provided funds, or assisted in fund-raising activities  for the Wheelchair Foundation, American Cancer Society, Kitsap County Aids Foundation, Soroptimists, Peninsula Health Services, Holly Ridge Center, Josh Brown Campaign, and more….

Funds are typically raised through private wine tastings and private donations, often wine and/or event space is donated.  We have also been known for donating services and time to community fund-raising events.

It’s a blessing to be able to work, give, and prosper from a wine lifestyle.

Cheers ~