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Siloam Foundation-A Non-Profit

Siloam Foundation-Giving Circles

We have a motto at Siloam- “We put the “Fun” in Fundraising!!

On Saturday, August 21 we were fortunate to be involved with the First Vino Kitsap a Wine Scavenger Hunt put together by Holly Ridge to benefit children with special needs:

Thanks to the Leadership at Holly Ridge, the Staff, and the Community Support we had a great turn out and FUN!!  All while raising money, awareness, and overall doing the right thing for some of the smallest residents in our area who need our help.

Siloam Foundation is the non-profit formed by Siloam Retreat & Wine Shop to help other charitable organizations raise funds through private wine tastings, proceeds from wine sales, offering free or reduced rates for meeting space and lodging, and through Giving Circles:

Thank you for allowing us to share- we are blessed to be a part of something Fun and Rewarding!!

Events, Banquets, Meeting Space in the Wine Shop

Reception Style Set Up

We are happy to announce that the Wine Shop is ready for events; a few final touches remain but we are ready for anything you are planning for up to 100 people.  We are more comfortable with 50 people as it is an intimate space but we could accomodate up to 100 reception style:

There are other options for set up:  Banquet Style we could accomodate up to 50 people, Classroom set up- facing the projection screen the set up would be for 40 people and U shape or Board Room Set up for about 30 people.

The Wine Shop is a unique space to host an event, meeting and/or banquet, contact us today, let us know what you are planning and how we can be of service.

Banquet Set Up
Boardroom Set Up
U Shape Set Up

Green Practices…Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

Reuse Wine Bottles

We have had a few questions about our Green Practices- what do we do to limit waste, limit chemical use, limit overall footprint……

Organic & Natural:  The gardens and lawns are maintained using primarily organic fertilizers and/or natural pulling, thinning, propagation and salvage.  Our linens are 100% cotton or bamboo blend where available.  We attempt to use all natural cleaners for housekeeping.

Waste Practices:  Siloam Retreat recycles all glass, plastic, and metal; composts food and yard waste when possible. We have re-used and re-purposed all sorts of construction materials, including refurbishing the shop with sustainable, re-cycled, and re-purposed materials.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:  As you may observe we have re-used several components from our Private Wine Tastings:

  • Wine Cork Rain Chains- used corks from wine have been saved and sewn together to create rain chains; there are several hanging around the property.  We would be happy to create one for you or pass on the directions on how to create your own.
  • Wine Tree- some wine bottles are just too pretty we have saved a few of our favorite artistic wine bottles and hung them from trees- it’s beautiful when the sun catches the color or to see a bird taking a rest on the hanging bottle.
  • Message in a Bottle-again with the pretty bottles we have created a landscape art by designing a dry creek bed with pebbles and gem stones and a floating wine bottle as a little yard art.
  • Water Bottles- wine bottles turned upside down full of water pressed into the plant container are an ideal way to get slow release of water to your container gardens.
  • Mirror Mosaics- rather than see a broken mirror as bad luck we have saved mirror pieces and created several mosaics including the Siloam sign greeting guests at the bottom of the driveway.  Mirrors artistically represent the ‘healing water’ of Siloam.

 Water Conservation:  Every appliance and plumbing fixture is new and highly efficient.  We only wash linens and towels between each guest stay.

 Energy Conservation:  The Wine Shop has been insulated, we put in a new high-efficiency heat and water heaters using gas as much as we can.  Separate thermostats in guest rooms reduce heating & cooling usage.

 Family Style:  Our showers are equipped with family style products to limit waste from individual plastic containers.  All soaps and personal hygiene products are made from natural products and contain herbs and scents for an aromatherapy experience.  We also provide smores in a family style to limit packaging and waste.

Suggestions:  We value our environment, want to do our part to preserve the planet, we value your input and would appreciate any suggestions you have to help us improve our green practices.

We get a lot of questions about the upside down wine bottles in all of our container gardens- it’s really a good source of water and re-use of wine bottles.  It may look strange but it’s not about looks – it’s about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…..especially when you are in the Wine Business opening, pouring, serving lots of wine…..So much wine….so little time, right?!!

Things to Do on the Kitsap Peninsula

Things to do
Things to do

Siloam Retreat is surrounded by forest land on the Upper Hood Canal and while once you are here it’s difficult to leave because all you want to do is relax and take in the sounds of the waterfall and the sights of the gardens; there are things to do in and around the Kitsap Peninsula area.

For example all through the summer there are several festivals, farmers markets, outdoor concerts, etc.. and this weekend is the second annual Kitsap Wine Festival: and the Taste of Hood Canal: two events near Siloam Retreat.

Enjoy a weekend stay at Siloam and take in some of the festivities.

A Positive Change

Your Own Wine Label
Your Own Wine Label

We all need positivity in our lives, especially during the tough economic times.  After reading the blog: (‘Drink Washington Wines or else ……. the Wine Industry may be doomed.’)

I asked myself what can I do that would be a positive change for Washington Wine Makers- Drink More Wine?  That’s easy!!  I hope it helps.  Perhaps we could market  Washington Wines along with our Napa Wines?  Maybe, this would help?

The last negative thing I want on my conscience is I did not do enough to help the Washington Wine Industry.  After all, it is more ‘green’ than buying from an out of state winery and that’s positive.  I’d be pleased to offer Washington Wines; guests from out of State often ask for a Washington Wine- I provide loads of information about Washington Wines and if we could work out a Private Wine Tasting offering I would be proud to pour, educate, and market Washington Wines.  Something to ‘drink’ about?  Let’s all do our part.~